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How to start A Cucumber Farm in Nigeria

We all know that Agriculture is one of the most lucrative business institutes in the world today. And as such thousands of people tend to venture into the Agricultural field.
Agriculture as a field is very vast and has opportunities waiting to be explored. One of the lucrative branch of Agriculture is the Cucumber Farming.
Cucumber as a fruit is highly regarded in the nutrition world, and it also has great medicinal qualities. The properties and Nutritional benefits of cucumber cannot be over emphasized. You could research more on Advantages and health benefits of Cucumber.

Starting a Cucumber farm.
Here are easy to do steps and practical; ways through which a Cucumber farm could be started.

  • Study The Business
In my numerous years of counselling and career guiding, I've noticed that a lot of persons go into businesses due to what they heard about the business and stories of how lucrative and blossoming the business is/was without duly studying the business from the scratch. As an individual, before you venture into a business or something, you should weigh and be aware of its risks, profits, do's and don't. This would go a great way into crippling future business failures.

  • Prepare A Business Plan
After you must have studied about your business interest, designing a business plan should be next you. As a prospective business man, its necessary to have a business plan to avoid risk of wastage financially, materially and time wasting.
In making of business plans, income and expenses should be analyzed, marketing survey should be carried out, business location/ site, Accessibility, manpower, etc
all these should be considered in planning your business.

  • Selection Of Seeds
While starting a cucumber farm, it is important to determine the type of seed to be sown. As lots of seeds are genetically modified, open pollinated or closed seeds, Hybrids, local, foreign, and so on. therefore, it is important to,know the kinds of seeds you buy and also contact seed regulatory bodies to examine the seeds you want to buy. Affiliate wholesalers such as Songhai farms, Agro storyNIG, Seed world LT. these are places where you can get healthy seedlings for propagation / farming.

  • Preparing The Land
The land preparation process for a cucumber farm includes:
  • clearing/ deforestation
This entails cutting down of tress and clearing the land to make it bare. Bush burning is a system of clearing the land and preparing it for use, however, bush burning could be detrimental to some important/ economic microorganisms that could help in nitrogen fixation and the rest. But you can practice partial bush burning. whereby you burn the trash or weeds in heaps and then the ash becomes manure for the soil.
  • ploughing
After clearing the land, the next agenda or step is to make ridges on your empty land. the ridges could either be long or short, making of ridges/beds makes mulching easier. So plough or till your ground well as cucumber survive and grow better or loose soil.

  • Addition of manure/ Compost
While ploughing is on going, you could begin to prepare ypur compost pile or manure to be added to the soil. Wood ash, Grasses, Animal dungs (make sure that your animal dungs are free from fungal or bacterial oinfections which may likey affect the crops with time), etc should be left to decay before application to the ridges/ beds. mix compost or manure to the already tilled loamy soil.
Note: for a cucumber farm, organic manure is best prescribed.
  • Irrigation
This is the part where watering o the farm comes in. your farm needs to be wet to aid trhe soil mix and absorb nutrients from the compost and to enabke he soil become moist and loose for a better crop harvest. therefore, you should have a standby source of water either borehole, well, stream etc that should be linked to the farm where crops could be watered at any point in time. One of the best periods to practice irrigation is during the mornings, when the intensity of the sun is low.

  • Planting of Seedlings
At this point it is believed that your farm is ready and planting can be done. Your dry cucumber seed should be planted with the following steps;

  • the pointed part of the seed should face up
  •  deep the seed into the ridge with your index finger, with the seed not deeper than the second line on your index finger
  • close the opening with loose sand and move to the next one foot. (this should be your spacing measurement) 
after planting is done, it is assumed that for about 4 to 6 days, your cucumber should germinate

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methods n how to manage a cucumber farm/ business

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