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Easy Tips To Create Your Own Happiness

When will you be happy? Do you believe it will happen when you finish school, get a better job, make more money, get married, buy a new car or house, have kids, take a vacation or retire? If you do, you will be greatly disappointed.

The world leads us to believe that we will be happy when we get something we want or when something happens. We have hopes and dreams of things bigger and better and we invest our time and money in anything and everything. Then the wonderful moment arrives when our dream comes true and we are extremely happy, but for how long? Happiness fades quickly and then we end up wanting something else. Why?

Happiness is not found in outside sources, it comes from within. Research continues to show that people who are rich and powerful are often unhappy, yet people who have little or nothing seem to be content with life. If we always place our happiness in something else, we will never be fulfilled.

There are many things that will create happiness in our lives. Use the expression 'I'll be happy when' and add these words:

Spreading love around

Building good relationships with family and friends

Positive thinking

Being thankful
Attending worship services
Taking care of our health

Being able to forgive

Being generous with my time, talents and treasure
Building confidence is a great way to finding the happiness that you are looking for.
What can you do today to create some happiness in the lives of others? Don't be surprised if you get some of that happiness back!

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